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What is DealSpaz?

DealSpaz is an amazing online service to help you find the best dealz in your area and to get more out of your city. Learn more about us here.


How do I purchase deals?

Just click on the “Buy Now” button with the voucher price. You will be directed to your DealSpaz shopping cart for payment. You can also save vouchers in the shopping cart, update quantities and pay for all of your purchases at once.


Does it cost anything to create an account on DealSpaz?

No! Creating a DealSpaz account is absolutely free. You can also sign up for our free daily emails.


How do I create an account on DealSpaz?

When you visit www.DealSpaz.com, select “I’m a Customer”, then click on the “Create An Account” tab next to the “login” tab. Provide us with some basic information, and you will have your DealSpaz account right away. If you are already at the deal page, you can also create an account by clicking on the “Register” icon on the top right corner.


What are the expiration dates of the dealz on DealSpaz?

Each deal voucher will have its own unique expiration date, deal details and deal terms.  Be sure to review those deal details before you make a purchase.

How do I use the dealz I bought?

When your purchase goes through, you will receive an email with redemption instructions and a printable voucher. If you have created a DealSpaz account before your purchase, you may also view your vouchers under the “My Voucher” section in your account.

Do I need to use the deal vouchers on the same day of purchase?

No. Most of DealSpaz dealz have reasonably long redemption periods. You don’t have to use vouchers immediately after you buy them. In fact, many deal vouchers will be valid for redemption several days after they are active for purchase on DealSpaz.com. Make sure that you check the unique deal details of every deal before you purchase.

Can I buy dealz for others as a gift?

Of course! DealSpaz provides customers convenient methods to purchase and distribute gift vouchers for free. We do our best to work with our vendors to allow gift vouchers. If particular dealz do not allow gift vouchers, DealSpaz will highlight this in the fine print.
What payment methods does DealSpaz accept?

DealSpaz currently accepts Visa and MasterCard.

Is DealSpaz safe?

100%! Your credit card number is transmitted by SSL directly to a secure electronic vault.

Does DealSpaz provide refunds on deal vouchers? What is the refund policy?

Returns are handled on a case-by-case basis and will be reviewed by DealSpaz customer service. Read our Refund Policy for more details. If you still have questions, contact us here.

If I refer my friends to DealSpaz, will I get any reward?

Absolutely! If someone you refer to DealSpaz, buys deal voucher(s), you will be rewarded with cash. Not only that, you will then be rewarded by the purchases generated by new people who are referred to DealSpaz by the people you have referred. Isn’t that amazing? That is the DealSpaz “Money Tree Farm”. Check out more details about the Money Tree Farm


When trying to open a deal on DealSpaz, I was directed to another website. What happened?

Don’t worry! To ensure our customers will always find the deals they want, DealSpaz keeps searching and updating great daily deals from other popular daily deal websites while providing amazing deals in each category ourselves. What you opened should be a deal from external daily deal site. You will stay in DealSpaz and see our own Deal Detail Page when you open a deal from DealSpaz.


I saw some deals in DealSpaz my Money Tree Farm friends might like. Why I cannot find or send those deals via my Money Tree Farm?

Money Tree Farm is applicable to deals from DealSpaz only. DealSpaz also lists great daily deals from other daily deal sites to provide better shopping experience for customers. The deals you wanted to refer to your friends should be deals from other sites. In future, you could easily differentiate the source of a deal by simply checking the deal details. If a Deal Detail Page is opened in DealSpaz website, it should be a DealSpaz deal which you could share with your friends via Money Tree Farm.


My Money Tree friends bought and redeemed vouchers found on DealSpaz. Why I still haven’t received Money Tree Fruit?

Money Tree Fruit will be rewarded to associated customer account(s) after a purchase is made from a DealSpaz listed vendor and a DealSpaz voucher is redeemed. If your friends have not redeemed purchased vouchers yet, you won’t see Money Tree Fruit being added to your Money Tree Farm. Also, Money Tree Farm is applicable to deals from DealSpaz only. If the deal is not purchased in DealSpaz using a DealSpaz customer account, Money Tree Fruit will not be rewarded.


What happens if I buy vouchers from a business who goes out of business before I can redeem the vouchers?

We will do our very best to ensure this never happens. If you are unable to redeem your voucher, DealSpaz will ensure you are fully refunded, 100% guaranteed.




For Business




How can I get my business on DealSpaz?

It’s easy. Just visit www.DealSpaz.com, then click the logo image of DealSpaz and select “I’m A Business”, you will be directed to our vendor website. After a few simple steps you’ll be ready to start creating dealz. We’re always glad to hear from new businesses that are interested in our service!

Why should I use DealSpaz instead of one of the other deal programs?

We created DealSpaz so that businesses could take back control of their promotions. When you work with us you won’t be hassled by our sales staff or forced to run your deal on a particular day. You can run your dealz when you want and how you want. As a result, our fees are a fraction of what other deal sites charge!

What does posting dealz on the website cost me?

It is completely FREE to post your dealz on DealSpaz. Just follow our 3 step deal creation process and you’re done. Your deal will launch on the date you have chosen on your terms.

How do I get paid?

Once a customer redeems your voucher, you need to input the deal voucher ID into the DealSpaz online redemption system and  we will initiate payment to you right away. Based on the banking information you have provided, an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) will be sent directly to your account in a timely manner. That’s it! The money will be directly deposited into your account without any hassle. No waiting for a cheque and no need for you to go down to the bank to and make deposits to get your money. This is a worry free environmentally friendly process that saves you time so you can focus on servicing your customers better.

How many dealz can I post?
In order to ensure diversity for our consumers we limit vendors to posting 2 dealz a month. If you’re new to running this kind of promotion we recommend starting out with a small test deal. This will allow you to ensure that you fully understand the process and that you’re able to provide great customer service throughout the promotion.

Can I feature my business in the nightly deal program?
Absolutely! We’re always looking for new and exciting vendors for this feature spot. To find out more please visit our Nightly Deal information page.

I’m hesitant to post a deal because I’m not a very good writer.
Posting your first deal can be an intimidating experience. Take your time thinking about how you’d like to represent your brand to consumers. Are you a fun and funky store or do you provide a serious service? If you’re still unsure just make sure that you provide an accurate summary of the deal in a clear and concise manner. If the deal is good – the customers will buy!